A Conversation with Ruby Bridges & Chelsea Clinton | National Civil Rights Museum

February 25, 2021 •  6:00pm Central

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A Conversation with Ruby Bridges and Chelsea Clinton,” is a virtual dialogue between two education advocates and authors on the intersection of race, class, gender and generations. The one-hour virtual event is a sharing of personal stories, struggle, Southern roots and congruent pathways that have brought them where they are today.

For two people who have never met, Chelsea Clinton collaborates with civil rights icon and Freedom Award honoree Ruby Bridges to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Bridges-Hall’s integration of William B. Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, LA on November 14, 1960.  The program is an interracial, intergenerational conversation between two women whose childhoods were spent in the public eye.  They talk about the mutual respect for the work each has done for education and equal rights.  They discuss their lives, the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and its legacy as well as the significance of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Ruby Bridges-Hall became a civil rights activist at the age of six when she was the first African American to integrate a school in the South. Still an activist, Bridges-Hall is the founder of the Ruby Bridges Foundation, promoting the values of tolerance, respect, and appreciation of all differences. Through education and inspiration, the foundation seeks to end racism and prejudice.

As vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton works alongside the Foundation’s leadership and partners to help create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service across the United States and around the world.  Clinton also teaches at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and has written several books for young readers.


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This Is Your Time, by Ruby Bridges

Published in 2020 during the 60th anniversary of Ruby Bridges' integration into a New Orleans school. 

This beautifully designed volume features photographs from the 1960s and today. Ruby’s honest and impassioned words, imbued with love and grace, serve as a moving reminder that “what can inspire tomorrow often lies in our past.” This Is Your Time will electrify people of all ages as the struggle for liberty and justice for all continues and the powerful legacy of Ruby Bridges endures.  – Source: Publisher


She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World, by Chelsea Clinton

In this book, Chelsea Clinton celebrates thirteen American women who helped shape our country through their tenacity, sometimes through speaking out, sometimes by staying seated, sometimes by captivating an audience. They all certainly persisted.

This book features: Ruby Bridges, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, Clara Lemlich, Nellie Bly, Virginia Apgar, Maria Tallchief, Claudette Colvin, Margaret Chase Smith, Sally Ride, Florence Griffith Joyner, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor.


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