Week 23: Quality Education: Teacher Preparedness

Week 23: Quality Education: Teacher Preparedness

Week Twenty-Three
Quality Education:
Teacher Preparedness 
Think about it.  There has been at least one teacher who greatly impacted your life, right? Most of us can recall our favorite teachers because of the way they positively motivated, encouraged and pushed us to reach our potential.  One might attribute the positive experience to the teacher's personality or interest in their students, but certainly the educator has been trained to motivate students to learn.
Unfortunately for some, there have been teachers who have had an adverse effect on students and their outlook on education.  The effect goes far beyond that student's academic year with that educator.  In this technology/information age, what can be done to ensure teachers are prepared to motivate a new generation of learners? What must the community do to support teachers to help students overcome the challenges they face?
National Civil Rights Museum President, Terri Lee Freeman, shares her perspective on teacher preparedness and support for educators.
Museum President Terri Lee Freeman shares her views on teacher preparedness.
Get Ideas for Supporting Teachers  

  1. Attend or organize a discussion on education equity and teacher preparedness in your community.  The National Civil Rights Museum is partnering to host a MLK50 Educational Equity Learning Series. On October 5, the topic is "Investing in Our Children: School Funding in Memphis & Shelby County," where we examine the questions: Are we funding or underfunding our schools? Who funds schools in Memphis and Shelby County? Do schools need more money?  Register to attend the upcoming discussions!
  2. Watch the documentary Teach Us All on Netflix. Visit teachusallfilm.org for information about the film and how teachers are working together to build quality educational opportunities in their communities. 
  3. Watch the Museum's video on Education Equity and how everyone--students, parents, teachers and community--can make a difference.
  4. Share your experience about your favorite teacher and how they changed your perspective on education on our Facebook 50 Weeks of Action Group Page.


Teachers Make a Difference  
Have you ever had an awesome teacher? Here are some stories about a few amazing teachers who changed their students' lives. 

(For Elementary School Students)
Here is a story about a special teacher, who changed a child's life. Check out this read aloud of Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco. 
(For Middle and High School Students)
Watch the film "Stand and Deliver," based on the true story about the extraordinary educator, Jaime  Escalante. Here is a preview of Stand and Deliver.
Be sure to thank your teachers. Think of ways you can help them and offer to  lend a hand any time they need assistance.
Share Your Story! 
Are you an educator who is looking for, or know of, unique professional training programs for teachers? What creative ways have you successfully motivated 
your students? Share your story.  

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