In what areas are the syposium workshops focused?
We expect the workshops will focus on areas like mechanics, expression or stage prescence, branding and publishing, and the impact arts has on the community. It is also an opportunity to collaborate with organizations who are working in social issues of the New Civil Rights Movement.  The workshop topics will be published in early July.

Must I be a slam contestant to participate in the symposium workshops?
No. Symposium participants do not have to compete in the slam.  The Symposium is free and open to the public, and slam contestants are welcome to attend.

Is there an age limit to attend the Symposium?
No. Anyone who is serious about enhancing their craft and creativity in spoken word, poetry or music may attend. While there are age categories for the slam, there are no stipulations for the Symposium.



Who is eligible to enter?
The call for entries is closed and contestants have already been selected.  The slam is free and open to the public for attendance. Profanity or offensive language is prohibited. This is a family-friendly event. 

Still have questions?
Contact media@civilrightsmuseum.org.