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ENSLAVED, A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery 

Showing through March 6, 2017  •  State of Tennessee Gallery

ENSLAVED, A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery, documents the lives endured by slaves and celebrates the freedom they never dreamed possible. It is a powerful statement about one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time. The images capture the experience of a moment lived in slavery, allowing the viewer to peek into the lives of those who are enslaved. What we see are two undeniable truths – the extreme brutality of the situation, and the resilience of the human spirit. The exhibition portrays survivors who are now rebuilding their lives and helping others to freedom.

ENSLAVED shows how more than 30 million people are currently trapped in slavery. In fact, there are more slaves than at any other time in human history. Victims are forced to work in brothels, factories, mines, farm fields, restaurants, construction sites and in homes. These people, more than half of them women and children, are paid nothing, they toil under threat of violence and are unable to walk away. That’s the bad news. The good news is also documented in the searing images. The percentage of people enslaved on the planet is the smallest ever and it is possible to end slavery in our lifetime.

The exhibition ENSLAVED, A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery, engages awareness and offers specific, doable and effective ways for people to help make sustainable change to eradicate slavery forever.

From the sweltering brick kilns to the rickety mine shafts, acclaimed photographer Lisa Kristine risked her safety and health to photograph the brutality of slavery today. Kristine documented on the front lines of slavery around the world with the powerful and the powerless, with the intention of inspiring freedom for all.


About the photographer: Lisa Kristine

Acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine creates more than images, she inspires change. A master storyteller, her documents indigenous cultures in more than 100 countries on six continents, instinctively identifying the universal human dignity in all of us. Awakening compassion and igniting action in a worldwide audience with powerful, broad-sweeping images of courage and tender, intimate portrayals, she elevates significant social causes—such as the elimination of human slavery and the unification of humanity—to missions. Her work resonates in the heart and moves us to act.

She has gained broad recognition for her collaboration with the NGO Free the Slaves. This breathtaking body of work, illuminating human enslavement, is brought together in the ENSLAVED exhibition. Lisa has received global attention for shining a light on contemporary slavery across media platforms, including CNN and Reuters, speaking at TED events, museums, NGO’s, business conferences, colleges and universities.

Lisa Kristine was the sole exhibitor at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit, attended by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other award winning Nobel Laureates. Lisa has enabled new social and financial capital for the causes she champions. Christie’s New York, in celebration with Kofi Annan, has auctioned her images to benefit the United Nations. The Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Queen Mother of Bhutan, and Amnesty International, have all endorsed her work. In 2013, Lisa was the recipient for the Lucie Foundation’s 2013 Humanitarian Award that recognizes achievements of master photographers. Her photographs inspired the Make a Stand Lemonade movement, which has raised more than a million dollars and has enlightened the awareness of over 100 million people toward the eradication of slavery. In December 2014 Lisa was invited to the Vatican to join Pope Francis and other global diverse faith leaders in signing the unprecedented declaration to eradicate slavery. She continues to work with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican as well as the Global Sustainability Network. She is also a partner with the United Nation's ILO campaign, 50ForFreedom.

She has published 6 books and has been the subject of 4 documentaries. Her work on Slavery will be featured in two films to be released in 2014. One of these films, SOLD the movie, made by Oscar Award winning team, Emma Thompson and Jeffrey Brown, includes a character inspired by Kristine and played by Gillian Anderson.

Just as she hopes this body of work will inspire awareness and change, she continues to seek out projects in which her images can have a positive impact in our world.  Her purpose-driven interactions with diverse cultures, her passionate sensitivity about the human condition, and her finely-tuned craft produces truthful, profound images  beauty, suffering, compassion—and above all—the dignity of men, women and children around our world.

Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Freedom, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana. Framed Size: 38”H x 51”W x 2”D

Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Enslaved Boy on Boat, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana. Framed Size: 27”H x 35”W x 2”D


Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Stacking, Kathmandu District, Nepal. Framed Size: 38”H x 51”W x 2”D

Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Kiln Children, Kathmandu District, Nepal. Framed Size: 27”H x 35”W x 2”D


Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Weavers, Uttar Pradesh, India. Framed Size: 27”H x 35”W x 2”D


Enslaved Exhibit Photos

Price of Gold, Ashanti Region, Ghana. Framed Size: 38”H x 51”W x 2”D

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