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Ferguson Voices

Showing through September 1, 2019 
Boarding House, 2nd Floor

The killing of Michael Brown in 2014 sparked outrage and launched a movement. For one-hundred days and nights, the country observed democracy in action as the community took to the streets to demand justice. While the popular narrative cast a scene of chaos and destruction, the full account goes untold. Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame features the first-hand experiences of those individuals who witnessed and shaped the Ferguson uprising. The people of Ferguson have a story to tell--in their own words and through their own eyes--and this story is even more urgent today. 

Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame is presented by the Moral Courage Project, a collaboration of the University of Dayton Human Rights Center and PROOF: Media for Social Justice. Ferguson Voices emerges from the work of the Moral Courage Project, a team of University of Dayton students and program coordinators who collected oral histories in Ferguson, Missouri, in May 2016.  This project strives to shape narrative by centering the accounts of individuals and communities with first-hand experience of human rights events. By identifying “upstanders” (those who refuse to be bystanders), we celebrate individuals who take risks to make important contributions in their communities during moments of crisis. These people embody moral courage, yet are often left out of history.

"The exhibit illustrates the story of Ferguson by focusing on the contributions of average people who found the courage to stand up during moments of unrest," said Joel Pruce, University of Dayton Assistant Professor of Human Rights Studies,  who oversaw the project.


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