Endowment Fund | National Civil Rights Museum

Endowment Fund

The generosity of donors gives the National Civil Rights Museum the ability to reach more people and bring the powerful story of the Movement to life for the next generation. Visitors flock to this historical site to be transported back in time to experience both the tragedies and triumphs. Through this experience, guests understand the nation's founding principles of justice, equality and freedom in a deeper, more personal way.

In 2009, the museum launched a $40 million campaign to extend the museum's mission and vision, with $27.5 million allocated to for the renovate the historic Lorraine Motel completed in 2014 and $12.5 million to create an endowment fund to protect this major investment and sustain the work of this institution the future. The response has been inspiring.

Your gift directed to the Endowment Fund will be kept in the corpus in perpetuity. Only a portion of the interest earned will be spent on the dedicated purpose. For inquiries, contact development@civilrightsmuseum.org.


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