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I Am A Man: Memphis Sanitation Strike 1968

This gallery expands the story of the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike. New videos feature Rev. James Lawson and T.O. Jones, who courageously waged the battle on behalf of striking sanitation workers. The iconic strikers with the "I Am a Man" signs and the garbage truck from the original exhibition are here. Film documenting the sanitation strike is projected upon the garbage truck. New to the exhibit is the Mountaintop Theatre, showing the powerful "Mountaintop" speech, the last one Dr. King gave the evening before he died.

The origins of "I Am a Man" grew out of economic disparity in the workplace, among other issues. Today, many of those same issues persist in our communities. Would you like to learn more? Visit our Poverty Report, full of data on the importance of closing the economic gap.

I Am A Man: Memphis Sanitation Strike 1968

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