Journey to Justice | National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum and Just City hosted Journey to Justice, 90-minute symposium to highlight the critical work being done to change the criminal legal system throughout the country and to demonstrate how much work there is yet to do. The sessions focused on how this system impacts families and the society, how it continues to hinder returning citizens and juveniles, and what we must do to ensure opportunity, progress and safety for everyone.

The museum provides a platform for thought leaders to present research, share stories and perspectives on today’s pressing social issues, as well as the history that has led us to this point. Just City works to create a system that prioritizes fairness, decency, and equal protection under the law. Along the way, Just City has helped hundreds of people move beyond their contact with the criminal justice system.  We believe Memphis and the complementary work of both organizations will serve as a unique backdrop for this important conversation.


Symposium AGENDA (click for speaker bios)

Opening Remarks

Journey Stop 1: Roots of an Unjust System

  • Megan Ming Francis
  • Dr. Duane T. Loynes, Sr.
  • Sarah Lockridge-Steckel

Moderator: Joia Thornton

Artistic Expression: Yolanda "Quiet Storm" Gates

Journey Stop 2: Pandemic, Policing and Prosecution

  • Demetria Frank
  • Kevin Ring
  • Alex Vitale

Moderator: Josh Spickler

Trailer: "The Vanishing Trial"

Journey Stop 3: Returning Citizens and Transforming Justice

  • Marcus Bullock
  • Topeka Sam
  • Robert Shipp

Moderator: Veda Ajamu


Keynote Speaker Brittany K. Barnett

Closing Remarks & Call to Action


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