MiAngel Cody | National Civil Rights Museum

A Conversation with

Miangel Cody

"Safe Houses"

WEDNESDay, February 13, 2019  •  6:00Pm
Free & Open to the Public


Founder and lead counsel for The Decarceration Collective law office, Attorney MiAngel Cody is nationally recognized for her dedicated defense of men and women sentenced to die in federal prison. Between 2013 and 2017, she has won presidential clemency and freedom for six prisoners serving life sentences for drug crimes. She will talk about "Safe Houses” and the ways black women have created a roadmap for survivorship through mass incarceration, whether as inmates or as family members separated from those imprisoned.

Joining her is Edward Douglas who was recently release on January 10 as one who was freed under the new First Step Act.  See the NBC News story on Douglas' release and return home.


Watch the live streaming of the Catalyst for Change Speaker event February 13 at 6:00pm Central with MiAngel Cody below.

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