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Who was Elbert Williams?

  By Jim Emison   Jim Emison is an author and retired courtroom lawyer who has spent three and a half years investigating Elbert Williams’s murder and is writing a book, Elbert Williams: First to Die.  To read Emison’s article on Elbert Williams in the Encyclopedia of African American History and a short bio of the author go to       Medgar Evers, Emmett Till, James Chaney, Elbert Wil... Read More
Posted by Connie Dyson at Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 11, 1963

  by Ryan M. Jones   Tuesday, June 11, 1963 was a sweaty and humid day. The weather fit the climate of tension around Tuscaloosa, Alabama and throughout the state. For months, the University of Alabama was on edge and judgment had finally arrived. Two African-American students were going to be enrolled at the University under a Federal Court order.   The last time that happened, President John F. Kennedy was forced to send in 500 Federal Marshals to ensure the protect... Read More
Posted by Connie Dyson at Friday, June 12, 2015

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