Purchased Lives Exhibit Opening Reception | National Civil Rights Museum

Purchased Lives Exhibit OPening REception 

Monday, September 12, 2016 • 6:00pm • state of tennessee gallery
Free and Open to the Public

Purchased Lives: The American Slave Trade from 1808 to 1865, focuses on the American domestic slave trade that continued long after the transatlantic slave trade was abolished. 

Rich with artifacts, Purchased Lives includes more than 75 original items, including period broadsides, paintings, and prints illustrating the domestic slave trade, ship manifests and first-person accounts from slave narratives and oral histories.  The exhibition covers a 57-year period, from America’s abolition of the international slave trade through the end of the Civil War. During this time, more than two million people were forcibly moved within the boundaries of the United States and its territories, wreaking havoc on the lives of enslaved men, women and children.

Made possible with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and curated by the Historic New Orleans Collection, the display is showing at the National Civil Rights Museum until November 27, 2016.


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