Rock for Human Rights | National Civil Rights Museum

Rock for Human Rights

Saturday, October 13 • 10:30am-11:30am

Hooks Hyde Hall • Free & Open to the Public


Rock for Human Rights launched to bring human rights awareness to tomorrow's leaders using the power of music, visual media, and social networking. Many people do not have an understanding of their basic human rights, and fewer still have even heard of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights established over 60 years ago. Indeed, the first step towards making human rights a reality is raising awareness that these rights and agreements actually exist.

Rock for Human Rights combines live music from veteran musician Wil Seabrook and his band along with the award winning short film "The Story of Human Rights" and 30 accompanying Public Service Announcements that beautifully illustrate each of the basic rights fundamental to every person on earth. 

Rock For Human Rights - Who We Are And What We Do from Wil Seabrook on Vimeo.

Human Rights violations are a way of life for much of the world. Rather than focusing on all that is wrong around the world, Rock For Human Rights seeks to uplift and educate its audience through the power of live music and film. The ripple effect of an entire generation of young people educated on their fundamental rights can't be overstated. Knowledge is the first step to understanding and genuine change.

Rock For Human Rights is touring the country from October 1st - 30th in celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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