The second Dialogue Series launches November 2018

Equity, equality, racism, prejudice, bias, justice...

Each of these words carry incredible weight and in some instances, guilt and pain.  Each of these words have a history and each of us have a relationship with these words.  While some find it very easy to discuss these concepts, others are put on guard when these words and concepts become the topic of discussion.  Most, however, recognize that if we are to make a breakthrough for our communities to be effective and thrive for ALL residents, we must deal with these words.

The National Civil Rights Museum launches “Unpacking Racism for Action” in seven monthly dialogue sessions that drill down on the issues of implicit bias, structural and institutional racism.  The objectives of the series are:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the many manifestations of racism.
  • Build skills and nurture willingness to confront issues of racism as they arise in personal and professional settings.
  • Co-create a supportive and accountable community for ongoing learning and action.

This professionally facilitated series covers the following:

  • Staying at the Table
  • The Multiple Manifestations of Racism
  • Calling People In
  • The Need for Multiple Conversations on Race
  • Racial Equity
  • What Now?

The series will be held on the 2nd Tuesday, November 2018 - May 2019. The time for each session is 6-8pm.  For more information, contact


Testimonials from the first series of dialogue sessions

Participating in the inaugural Unpacking Racism class was an honor and a meaningful experience. There are lessons from our discussions, readings and exercises that reshaped the way I approach work issues, as well as personal relationships. It is a class that is well worth the time commitment.

Lurene Kelley, Special Assistant, Law Offices of the Shelby County Public Defender


When I received the notice regarding the Unpacking Racism worship at the National Civil Rights Museum, I leapt at the opportunity. I was looking for something to “sink me teeth into” regarding the hard work of racial justice. This workshop did not disappoint. Among the topics we delved into: structural racism, white privilege, micro-aggression, intersectionality - and much more. Not for the faint of heart (there’s homework!), this workshop gets to the “heart and soul” of things. And we barely scratched the surface! The workshop facilitator, the museum, the very helpful staff and, of course, the participants themselves (academia, business, law, education, non-profit - all walks of life), made for a very rewarding experience. But at the end, we didn’t just leave with new knowledge and “good feelings”. We were charged to go out and change things for the better. If you’re looking to make a difference in the world regarding racial equity, I highly recommend this opportunity.

Kelly Brother, Illustrator/Graphic Designer


Unpacking Racism was not only a great gathering of diverse individuals from different spectrums of bias and race, it was critically important as the museum strives to serve a catalyst for positive social change. Each week, we were challenged to think about how our own circumstances, environments and backgrounds influence our perceptions and actions regarding race. Also each week, we had homework to read or view videos on the various aspects of bias and racism for discussion.  Two of my favorites, which I have referred to since,  are Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram Kendi and the White Culture Case Studies.

I was proud to be part of the beta test for Unpacking Racism and look forward to its evolution.

Faith Morris, Chief Marketing & External Affairs Officer, National Civil Rights Museum