Dialogue Series


Equity, equality, racism, prejudice, bias, justice...

Each of these words carry incredible weight and in some instances, guilt and pain.  Each of these words have a history and each of us have a relationship with these words.  While some find it very easy to discuss these concepts, others are put on guard when these words and concepts become the topic of discussion.  Most, however, recognize that if we are to make a breakthrough for our communities to be effective and thrive for ALL residents, we must deal with these words.

The National Civil Rights Museum launched “Unpacking Racism for Action” in six monthly dialogue sessions that drilled down on the issues of implicit bias, structural and institutional racism.  The objectives of the series were:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the many manifestations of racism.
  • Build skills and nurture willingness to confront issues of racism as they arise in personal and professional settings.
  • Co-create a supportive and accountable community for ongoing learning and action.

This professionally facilitated series covered the following:

  • Staying at the Table
  • The Multiple Manifestations of Racism
  • Calling People In
  • The Need for Multiple Conversations on Race
  • Racial Equity
  • What Now?

The series began in September 2017 and ended in February 2018.  A group of no more than 40 people participated and evaluated the series to determine if it will become a standard offering of the Museum.  

For more information, contact vajamu@civilrightsmuseum.org.