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Witness to the revolution:

who were there

Part of Memphis In May
Salute to Czechosolvakia

Showing until May 31, 2018 • Museum Guest Lounge • Included with Admission

MEMPHIS IN MAY SALUTE TO CZECHOSOLVAKIAMEMPHIS IN MAY SALUTE TO CZECHOSOLVAKIAResearched and prepared by the National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library, Witness to the Revolution describes the Velvet Revolution through the eyes of Americans who were in Czechoslovakia at the time. After the fall of communist Russia and fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Czechs and Slovaks took to the streets to demand political reforms. The Velvet Revolution was born. 

The six-panel Memphis In May banner display honoring this history of Czechoslovakia shares the stories of a graduate student from Kentucky who participated int he demonstration and video recorded the horrific events that took place. Other stories include one of an American reporter who was beaten along with demonstrators the night of November 17, 1989.


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